Thursday, November 3, 2011

Aquino adviser claims no reason to trust Arroyo

Presidential adviser for political affairs Ronald Llamas on Wednesday thumbed down the statement of House Deputy Minority Leader Danilo Suarez that the word of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was enough an assurance for the Aquino administration to let her seek medical treatment abroad.
Arroyo, now the representative of Pamapanga’s Second District, assured government last week that she would return to the Philippine after her medical treatment.
It is understandable if the Filipinos would refrain from trusting and accepting the word of Arroyo, Llamas claimed.
“After nine years of her style of leadership characterized by impunity and misgovernance and the numerous cases of plunder and graft being filed against her, I think we will be together with the Filipino people in not giving her our trust," Llamas said.
The House of Representatives authorized the former President to travel to five countries, four of which have no extradition treaty with the Philippines, for medical treatment.
The option is for foreign medical specialists to check and possibly treat Arroyo in the Philippines, according to the Aquino’s political adviser, citing the suggestion of Bayan Representative Neri Colminares.
“That has always been an option, but it’s basically her option if she wants foreign specialists to treat her," Llamas said.
Arroyo now faces at least four plunder complaints for alleged misuse of government resources during her 10-year presidency, as well as charges of electoral sabotage for alleged massive cheating in the 2007 polls.

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