What a joke the legal systems seems to be at times in the Philippines.   Seem that if your called in front of a committee to answer question for a crime you may have be involved in, or have knowledge of, your best defense is to tell the committee your sick, or a family member is sick.  Hey having high blood pressure is a sure fire way to slow things down, or better yet, go into the hospital, that will delay things for as long as you wish.  The courts have no back bone to force a defendant to appear in court, they will just wait for you.

Criminal cases can take years to go though the system, now that's a joke, it is either the courts, the DA's, or the defendant.   And they wonder why they (the Philippine) are still a 3rd world country.  It is their own doing that keeps them in the position they want out of. But no one is willing to pull them up by the boot straps, and say enough is enough.

Ex-PCSO exec breaks down, invokes right to remain silent

A former Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) official who was questioned for the handling the agency's intelligence funds broke down before the Senate blue ribbon committee and invoked her right to remain silent.
"I therefore appeal for your understanding, Mr. Chairman, Mr. senators, my duty to my famly who have suffered and continue to suffer cruel and humiliating perception of me resulting from these hearings and my right to defend myself tell me to invoke my constitutional right to remain silent and not to give further statements which will certainly be used against me," former PCSO general manager Rosario Uriarte said during Thursday's Senate hearing.
Uriarte explained that her appearance before the Senate panel has caused her and her family undue distress, with her father even getting sick and her needing medication.
"The hearings, the adverse public perception which I and my family continue to endure, and worse, my indictment for a serious crime have become unbearable and prejudicial not only to my family's but to my rights under the Constitution," she said.
She noted, however, that she is prepared to face the plunder charges filed against her before the Office of the Ombudsman. "Ako po ay handa na humarap sa kahit anong korte (I am prepared to face any court)," she said.
Senator Franklin Drilon, a member of the blue ribbon committee, said that they sympathize with Uriarte's difficulties but noted that they need to conduct the inquiry.
"Let us assure Mrs. Uriarte and the public in general that we are doing this in the public interest... it is the obligation of the (blue ribbon committee) to look into this alleged anomalies," he said.
He likewise said that Uriarte can only invoke her right against self-incrimination when a specific question is thrown at her and not as a "blanket authority."
The Senate hearing was ongoing as of posting time. — RSJ, GMA News