Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On the heels of the Prison Scandals.

MASBATE, Philippines – A jail break in Palanas District Jail in Masbate Tuesday afternoon resulted in the deaths of a jail guard and an inmate.
The fatalities were identified as Senior Jail Officer 1 Rene Danao and inmate Romulo Pason.
Authorities said Jail Officer 2 Julius Cervantes was accompanying inmate Rommel Padailap in delivering food for prisoners when Cervantes was hit on the head by a solid object.
Cervantes remains in critical condition.
Padailap, together with inmates Jessie Cabier and Romeo Olasla, Jr., escaped from their detention cells and attacked Danao, killing him in the process.
Authorities are still looking for rape suspect Padailap, murder suspect Cabier, and frustrated murder suspect Olasla.
Officials of Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) Region 5 are investigating the incident.
The wardens of Palanas District Jail will also be questioned by authorities. -- Reports from Erick Baldo and Thea Omelan, ABS-CBN Bicol

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  1. In this prison prisoners sit without trial for more than 2 years. The judges can not even get a word the prisoners. Without a good lawyer you can sit there innocently for life.

    I was there for more than 1 month imprisoned innocent. Just because I was a foreigner and money, I came quickly, after a month, free. The states and the food can not tolerate a European and would become seriously ill after a short. I could cook for me, for a fee, for me.