Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A car thief and murder, want the press to say good things about him and his killer brother.

MANILA, Philippines - Suspected carjack gang leader Roger Dominguez today lamented what he said was the media's propensity to always highlight the negative things about him and his brother Raymond.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the hearing of the car theft with homicide charges against them, Roger said he was wondering why positive developments about them were never reported in the media.
According to Roger, some of the complaints against them had been dismissed by the fiscal.
"Bakit kapag positive hindi lumalabas (Why is it that when it's a positive thing, it's not coming out in the media)?" he asked.
"Puro panget yung mga nababasa namin sa dyaryo at lumalabas sa TV (All we read and see in TV and newspapers are negative)," Roger lamented.
Roger and Raymond and several others are facing charges before the Regional Trial Court Branch 215 for the kidnapping and killing of car dealer Venson Evangelista.
They have been implicated by another accused in the case, Alfred Mendiola, who admitted to being the one who posed as the buyer of the Land Cruiser that Evangelista was selling when he was abducted in January.
The Dominguez brothers had repeatedly denied the allegations.
According to the brothers' lawyer, Joey Cruz, said several car theft and murder charges filed against the brothers were dismissed even during preliminary investigations for lack of evidence.
Cruz said these complaints were filed in Bulacan, Pampanga and Quezon City about two to three years ago.
"There is a pattern that for every crime of similar nature, in Pampanga and Bulacan, the tendency is to file these against them (Dominguez brothers)," Cruz said. - By Reinir Padua (Philstar News Service, 

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