Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grieving New Mexico safety hauled off plane, booked for baggy pants

What is this world coming to.  It seems now days that when a black man is wearing his pants to the  point it shows his underwear, and he is asked to pull up his pants, he is being "targeted by authorities "because of the way he looks - young black man with dreads and baggy pants".

Give me a break, if your underwear are showing, and we are people don't want to see it,  simple, pull your pants up. If you choose not to after someone in authority ask you too, then you have what is coming to you.

Case in point:                         On Wednesday, San Francisco police got a call about 9 a.m. that someone was exposing himself outside a US Airways gate, Sgt. Michael Rodriguez said.
An airline employee spotted Marman before he boarded Flight 488, bound for Albuquerque, and complained that Marman's pants "were below his buttocks but above the knees, and that much of his boxer shorts were exposed," Rodriguez said.
The employee asked Marman to pull up his pants before he boarded the plane, but he refused, Rodriguez said. Marman allegedly repeated his refusal after taking his seat on the plane.
"At that point he was asked to leave the plane," Rodriguez said. "It took 15 to 20 minutes of talking to get him to leave the plane, and he was arrested for trespassing." Marman allegedly resisted officers as he was being led away.
Not only did he refused to pull up his pants on a flight, he resisted a police officer.  I do not care how badly you think you are being treated, you do not have the right to resist an officer whom gives you a lawful order. If you resist, then you are saying your above the law, and you don't have to follow the rules.

Remember an airline can refuse service to anyone, for any reason. The are a private or public business  who does not have to do business with anyone.   This boy could have handled himself in a better way, he could have just pulled his pants up, and took his seat, if he did not want to do that, he could have just left the aircraft without a problem, and took another flight.

Come on people, take responsibility for your own actions.  If your underwear are showing, just pull your pants up, I don't want to see what your wearing.

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