Thursday, June 2, 2011

Corruptions in the Philippines.

Philippine Daily INQUIRER,  Head lines.   "VIP prisoner face probe.  The DOJ to unravel "open secret" pf special treatment.  

Can you  believe that here in the Philippines, a former  Batangas Govern Antonio Leviste a convicted murder has been allowed to leave the New Bilibid Prison where he is supposed to be locked up. He has been allowed to leave without being handcuffed, without guards escorting him, and was able to visit a dentist.   As the report goes on to say, his driver would pick him up, along with other inmate friends, for a day out of the prison.  This appears to be a policy that the prison warden and assistant warden has allowed for years.

Leviste was convicted with killing his longtime aid in 2007, he was found guilty in 2009 of homicide,not murder which was the initial charge, but the judge said the prosecution failed to prove there was treachery, premeditation and cruelty, and sentenced to 6 to 12 years in prison.  Now get this he was order to pay P150,000.00 peso, or  ($3484.32) USD,  to the family of the man killed.

Also allowed to leave the drive was convicted "road rage killer" Rolito Go,

What is sad here the man in charge of running the prison, does not take ownership,  he places the blame on the guards, which I would agree with part of that,  yes the guards are at fault,  but I am so sure the leadership within that prison authorized the trip, and knew about them.  How can you not.

There are cell phones within the prison for inmate to rent from the guards, one inmate end used a guards cell phone to order a killing. Then you have the normal drug usage in the prison.  It is also report Leviste was able to build himself a place to live within the prison, I am sure he has all the comforts of home.  The papers reports this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here in the Philippines, if your rich, a former government official, and you are convicted of a crime, you are going to get the best VIP treatment as if you were living in your own house.

Corruptions in the Philippines seems to be a way of live here, from the former presidents to the local building inspectors, to even your own family and friends, if you want to do business or get favors you will pay in the form of bribes, either in money, or products. I have seem it first hand already.

Now we all know all countries have corruptions, so this is not just in the Philippines.

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